"Who is Speaking Me?": In the archives with Susan Barton of J.M. Coetzee’s Foe, “Reading Coetzee’s Women” Conference, Prato, Italy, September 2016.

 “Olive Schreiner and Rhodes Must Fall”, The Schreiner Literary Festival, Cradock, July 2016.

"Understanding Marikana through the lens of 'Yakhal'inkomo'" (Representing Marikana), Association for Commonweath Literature and Languages Studies (ACLALS) Conference, Stellenbosch University, July 2016.

 "Representing Marikana", Place and Imagination Conference, University of the Western Cape, July 2015.

"'Then you are a man, my son': Kipling and the Zuma rape trial", A Symposium on Gender and Sexuality in South African Literature and Culture, University of Pennsylviania, November 2014.

"Lauretta Ngcobo's response to Olive Schreiner's From Man to Man", Cradock Literary Festival, Eastern Cape, July 2014.

"Flying in the Face of Death: 'Der Erlkönig' in J.M. Coetzee's The Childhood of Jesus", invited speaker, New York University Graduate Seminar, "J.M. Coetzee and Metafiction", April 2014.

"States of Peril and Beyond", invited speaker, "The Haunted Present: Reckoning After Apartheid", Duke University, April 2014.

"Black Humor",
Panel: "The Comic Mask: Theorising Satire, Humor and Laughter in South African Culture", American Comparative Literature Association Conference, New York University, March 2014.

"South African Photographs and Fictions", Fulbright Project Presentation, African Studies Association Meeting, Baltimore, November 2013.

Seminar on Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow
, co-presented with Margaret Hanzimanolis, City College of San Francisco, September 2013. 

"States of Peril and Beyond", English Department Research Seminar Series, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, August 2013.

State of Peril book launch seminar, HUMA (University of Cape Town Humanities Institute), August 2012.

“‘A Candy Castle Built on a Septic Tank’: Cape Town in Crime Fiction”, co-presenter, “Crime and its Fictions in Africa Conference”, Yale University, April 2012.

State of Peril book launch seminar, New York University, March 2012.

Organiser and contributor, panel on “Image/Text: South African Photos and Fictions”, Stellenbosch University English Department Seminar Series, February 2012.

Invited speaker, panel on South African Literature, University of York (UK), June 2011.

Invited speaker, conference on J.M. Coetzee and His Precursors”, University of Leeds, June 2011. Paper entitled: "J.M. Coetzee and Virginia Woolf."

Interview with David Attwell, “J.M. Coetzee: A Writer’s Life”, Stellenbosch University English Department Seminar Series, April 2011.

Organiser and contributor, panel on District 9, Stellenbosch University English Department Seminar Series, April 2010.

Invited speaker, inaugural address of the South African Text/Image/Performance Seminar Series, Queen Mary, University of London, June 2010. Paper: “‘Being Blind’: J.M. Coetzee and the Task of the Translator.”

“‘Consequential changes’: Daphne Rooke’s Mittee in America and South Africa”, University of Stellenbosch English Department Seminar Series, August 2009.

Invited speaker, keynote panel of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference, Twentieth Century Literature Division. Panel entitled: “Global Writing: New Directions in J.M. Coetzee’s Fiction”, San Francisco, December 2008. Paper entitled: “‘Being Blind’: J.M. Coetzee and the Task of the Translator.”

“Coetzee’s Corpses”, The Life of the Corpse Symposium, WISER, Wits University, August 2008.

“‘O sing me a song of a foreign land’: J.M. Coetzee’s poems and the publication history of Dusklands, A World Elsewhere: Orality, Manuscript and Print in Colonial and Post-Colonial Cultures, International Conference at the Centre for the Book, Cape Town, April 2007.

Invited speaker, Postcolonial Seminar Series, University of Cambridge, July 2005. Paper entitled: “Colonial Rape Narratives”.

“Textual transvestism: J.M. Coetzee’s women”, participant colloquium, School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University, July 2004.

“Translating the Cape of Storms: Adamastor in South African Literature”, Postcolonial Studies Conference, University of Cambridge, May 2004.

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