British Academy Newton Mobility Grant for "The Poetics and Politics of World War One Commemoration in South Africa and the United Kingdom", 2017, which enabled The Mendi Centenary Conference:

National Research Foundation (NRF) "Scarce Skills" Research Fellowship, University of the Western Cape, 2016-2018.
Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Postdoctoral Grant 2016-2018.

Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar, New York University, 2013 - 2014.

National Research Foundation (NRF) Thuthuka Grant for the project “Cape Chronicles”, Stellenbosch University.  

Commonwealth Scholarship, University of Oxford.

Overseas Research Scholarship, University of Oxford.

Patrick and Margaret Flanagan Scholarship for study in the United Kingdom.

Scholarship from Cornell University to attend The School of Criticism and Theory, June - July 2004. 

Scholarship from DAAD and the Ministry of Justice and European Affairs, Lower Saxony, Germany, to attend the International Women’s University (Ifu), Hanover, Germany, July – October 2000.

Full Academic Colours, Rhodes University, South Africa.

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