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Books in progress: 
1) The Bloomsbury Companion to J.M. Coetzee (co-edited with Andrew van der Vlies), 2022
2) "Who is speaking me?" J.M. Coetzee, women's voices and feminism (monograph)
3) Post-apartheid Dissonance: The Cultural Politics of Post-Rainbow Nation South Africa (monograph)
Published monograph:

State of Peril Cover

State of Peril: Race and Rape in South African Literature, Oxford University Press, 2012.

This monograph demonstrates how, despite the fact that most incidents of rape in South Africa are not interracial, narratives of interracial rape have (until very recently) dominated the national imaginary. Seeking to understand this phenomenon, the study draws on Michel Foucault's ideas about sexuality and biopolitics, as well as Judith Butler's speculations on race and cultural melancholia. Historical analysis of the body politic provides the backdrop for close readings of literature by Olive Schreiner, Sol Plaatje, Sarah Gertrude Millin, Njabulo Ndebele, J.M. Coetzee, Zoë Wicomb and others.

Ultimately, State of Peril argues for ethically responsible interpretations that recognize high levels of sexual violence in South Africa while parsing the racialized inferences and assumptions implicit in literary representations of bodily violation.




"This is a highly original, stimulating, and intelligent book that breaks new ground in literary-cultural studies of South Africa." --Laura Chrisman, author of Rereading the Imperial Romance

"State of Peril offers a radical alternative history of South African literature, showing the degree to which its imaginative core has been consistently engaged with issues of race and gender violence." --Robert J.C. Young, author of Colonial Desire: Hybridity in Theory, Culture and Race.

"The readings of Olive Schreiner's Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland (1897), Daphne Rooke's Mittee (1952), Arthur Maimane's Victims (1976), and J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace (1999) are particularly good...Highly recommended." --Choice

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Sean O'Toole, "Figuring Brutality", February 19, 2013


Forthcoming/ in progress: 

“On the Meanings of the Mendi”, co-written with Dr June Bam-Hutchison.

“‘Asizizithandwa zesizwe kade na?’: translating the First World War poetry of S.E.K. Mqhayi”, co-written with Sive Shosha. 


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LVG blogpost, 31 May 2018

"LVG pomes",
 poems (updated sporadically)

"Premier Zille, did you forget your promises?", Opinion/ Open letter, Cape Times, 27 July 2017.

Sea Point Chronicles http://seapointpromenade.blogspot.com/

"Sheets, Feathers and Snow in Alexandre Marine's 'Waiting for the Barbarians'" (2012)



"No Leafy Suburbs: Report on the Launch of Andrew Brown's Solace" (2012)



"Karoo Voodoo: A Décor Style" (2011)



"Hot topic. ... South African Crime Fiction" (2011)



"Achille Mbembe: Democracy and the Ethics of Mutuality" (2011)


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